Michael B. Jordan’s Lips Are Tightly Sealed When It Comes To ‘Black Panther’
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Black Panther is one of the year’s most anticipated films and it’s not even set to premiere until 2018.

The cast of the Marvel superhero film has remained tight-lipped about their characters and the film, but, of course, when ESSENCE hopped on the phone with Michael B. Jordan, we couldn’t resist asking a few questions.

“I’m pretty sure Marvel has my phones tapped,” Jordan joked, when asked about his role in the film. “Man, I wish I could talk about it!”

Jordan did expand on what fans can expect from his character, Erik Killmonger, telling ESSENCE, “I am a naturally mischievous person, but this chacracter is so different from what I’ve done and what I think anybody has seen in this kind of film before.”

“I think people will understand where Eric Killmonger is coming from,” Jordan added. “If they can understand his fight and his perspective, I think we’ve done what we could. With Killmonger he’s very similar, but very different fron T’Challa. The best way I can describe him is kind of like Magneto.”

Jordan has a number of other project up his sleeve as well. He’s currently filming Fahrenheit 451 and is set to appear in Creed II in 2018. He’s also the star of DirecTV Now’s latest campaign, appearing in the satellite service provider’s recent ads for the company’s new streaming service. 

Jordan admitted he enjoyed shooting the quirky ads, specifically, “Cable B. Ware,” which co-starred actor and professional wrestler Goldberg.

“I was a big Goldberg fan growing up,” Jordan admitted, “so I loved shooting that one.” 

And, while Jordan may have been a big wrestling fan, he’s never had the opportunity to attend Wrestlemania. Hopefully, he gets the opportunity soon.