A Moment Of Appreciation For Michael B. Jordan's Arms...Because Have You Seen Them?!

Lauren Porter Mar, 12, 2018

We can talk about Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan’s raw talent for days. Everyone knows he’s a true star and one of our favorite leading men. But it’s also no secret that he is as beautiful as he is talented. Have you seen his smile? His skin? His arms?! These photos are proof that a hug from Jordan would make any woman weak in the knees.

1 of 6 Rob Kim/Getty Images

A sweater has honestly never looked better.

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Sure the open ocean looks great, but really, we can't stop looking at Michael. Can you even blame us?!

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Do you see that vain in his arm?! We're actually swooning right now.

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Sigh, those days in the gym are doing Michael Bae so much good.

5 of 6 Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Even when he isn't flexing his arms look like heaven on earth. *Sigh!*

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No one has ever made a bicep look better.