Michael and Ashley Darby Question ‘RHOP’ Participation After Assault Charges Dropped
Ashley Darby / Instagram
Real Housewives at Potomac stars Michael and Ashley Darby are speaking out after prosecutors dropped charges that were brought against Michael Darby following the alleged sexual assault of a cameraman. According to court documents, the second-degree assault and fourth-degree sexual contact charges will not be pursued. “I didn’t do it,” Michael told FOX 5 D.C. in an interview alongside his wife on Thursday. “My name is cleared. I didn’t do anything. I’m completely exonerated, completely cleared.” He also alleged that the cameraman, Orville Palmer, was just trying to make money. Bravo suspended Michael from filming last month after the charges. Palmer claimed his butt was grabbed and groped by Michael on September 1st while shooting an episode. “As I turned around he smiled and gave me a flirtatious look,” the cameraman said in court documents. In the Fox 5 interview, Ashley said that the ordeal has made her rethink the couple’s decision to be on the Bravo show. “This definitely crossed a line,” she said. “It didn’t jade me, but it certainly made me think twice about whether or not we made the right decision to do the show. But in the long run, I’m not going to let someone ruin Michael and I because they made some false allegation. No one is going to ruin our lives. That just won’t happen.”


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