Mary J. Blige Tells Men: ‘Don’t Cheat, Don’t Beat, Don’t Lie’
Al Bello/Getty Images

Mary J. Blige lived up to her title as Queen of Hip-Hop Soul during her headlining performance at Essence Festival. She sang nearly forgotten songs like “Share My World,” sullen cuts like “Seven Days,” and jams like “Real Love.”

But she also came through with wisdom for the fellas, like a big sister that’s experienced all the dumb things guys can do to girls. Her advice came in three parts. Read closely, guys. “Don’t cheat,” Mary began. “Don’t beat. Don’t lie.” Easy enough, right? Unfortunately, not for everyone. 

Hairstyle File: Mary J. Blige

Mary’s been through it all. Just check her musical catalog. It’s all there in the lyrics–abuse she’s received  in various forms penned and sung with enough heartache to ensure the audience that not all the scars have healed for her just yet. 

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Hopefully men in the audience took her words to heart.