Season 5 of Bravo’s hit series, Married to Medicine, kicks off on Sunday and there’s a new doctor in town. 

Paging Dr. Contessa Metcalfe–the occupational and preventitive medicine physician joins the cast this season with a story line all her own.

Here are five things to know about the newest cast member. 

1. She was in the Navy.

After graduating with her undergraduate degree from Xavier University and attending medical school at St. Louis University, the Kansas City native joined the Navy. Learning to fly planes and combining her passion for medicine, the 41-year-old became a Navy flight surgeon during her time in the service.

“I was actually in the Navy as a surgeon,” Contessa told ESSENCE. “I don’t feel we really consider a career in uniform as like a viable option as a person of color and, definitely not like a woman of color. And, I will tell you by far even over and above medicine, I think joining the military was the best decision I ever made as far as professionally.”

2. She and her husband were long distance until they got married.

Contessa and her husband, Scott, have been married since 2005 but their relationship started off in a rather unconventional way. The two met at a medical conference (he’s a family medicine physician) and were long distance from the very beginning. The couple didn’t even live together until they tied the knot. 

“Every time we saw each other you know it would just be like just like amazing and then you go back home to like your regular life where you had to wash dishes and clean up [but] our whole relationship, which I would not recommend, was long distance.”

3. She is a mom of 3. 

Contessa and Scott are proud parents of 2 daughters–Lauren age 9 and 3-year-old Laila. They also have a son, Landon who is 7. 

4. She might be considering leaving medicine. 

As most working moms, Contessa has a little bit of guilt about missing some of the milestones in her childrens lives. The Atlanta resident is strongly considering leaving the stethoscope behind to be a full-time hands on mother. 

“I’m a doctor so it’s kind of like I can step back into working at any time. But my children, they still want to spend a lot of time with mommy. I feel like I’m missing all of that precious time. If I want my children to learn how to be a Metcalfe, I have to teach them.”

Will Contessa stick to medicine or will motherhood take the cake? You’ll just have to wait and see this season on Married to Medicine. Season 5 premieres Sunday November 5th at 10 p.m. on Bravo. 

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