Marlon Wayans is adding his opinion to the blazing hot conversation about the Oscars and diversity. During an appearance on ESSENCE Live today, the Fifty Shades of Black star suggested that while focusing on the Oscars diversity problem is important, we should also be focusing on supporting more Black films and filmmakers, which would leave Hollywood no choice but to take notice.

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“How about we all show up and we support these movies? A lot of times we complain but yet we sit in our seat opening weekend and we don’t support our films,” he said. “Everybody out there, come support because Hollywood is not about Black and White, Hollywood is about green. So why don’t we support our own, make sure we make the green because as long as you make the green, we can make more movies and then we won’t have these discussions.”

Wayans also urged the need for higher budgets for Black films. “Right now, we don’t have enough budgets, it’s not just about the Academy. You can’t make Oscar-worthy movies with no budget.”

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And when it comes to Hollywood, he’s about creating his own opportunities. “My brother always said you don’t knock on a door and ask people to open it up in Hollywood. You kick it off the hinges and you make your way in,” said Wayans. “I always think about the objective, which is to produce more movies to give us more opportunity. So I write, produce and create roles for myself and other African-Americans. I’ve done one a year for the past three years.”