Why You Need to Add Marjorie Harvey's New Handbag Line to Your Accessory Arsenal

Marjorie Harvey dishes on her new handbag line that features fierce totes, clutches and bag accessories for the on-the-go woman with exquisite taste.

Dominique Hobdy Dec, 20, 2016

The term #stylegoals is pretty much synonymous with Marjorie Harvey.

The fearless, fashion maven consistently wows us with fun high-fashion looks that never fail to inspire.

As her fashion empire expands, it only makes sense to add the ultimate accessories to her resume. MH Handbags, Marjorie’s brand new line of arm candy, is for fabulous ladies who may have an eye for couture, but aren’t quite here for couture prices. “The biggest aspect was making the line affordable, that was a promise I made to all my followers,” Marjorie told ESSENCE. “I wanted everyone to be invited to the party! I feel like my team and I delivered just that.”

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Ranging from $18 to $300, the line includes everyday totes for the “woman who is inspired by the world of couture and knows how to translate those elements into her everyday lifestyle. She is never afraid to turn heads when she walks into a room.”

Marjorie’s says the inspiration for the line came from her network on Instagram.

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“Really since I launched The Lady Loves Couture, my followers have been very vocal about every pic I post (laugh)! So it was important to me to have a collection that reflects my personal style and looks like something I would wear.”

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When it comes to what’s next for Marjorie, the fashion darling says the sky is the limit.

“Well I just put the finishing touches on my spring Handbag collection and I’m in love with all the styles! I’m very interested in skincare,  other accessories, apparel…who knows. The Marjorie Harvey brand has no limits, so stay tuned!”

Grab your own personal MH handbag at www.theladylovescouture.com.