It’s all about the love when it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day for fashionista mom Marjorie Harvey and her daughters Lori Harvey and Morgan Hawthorne.

“I am so thankful God blessed me with the gift of being a mother,” Marjorie, who is married to Steve Harvey, said. “It is truly a different kind of love like no other.”  

Lori, who describes Marjorie as extremely stylish and giving, says that she loves celebrating her mother on Mother’s Day.

“She is so loving and giving and very selfless,” Lori said about her mom. “She will put everyone above herself and has the best energy.”

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Lori says everyone comes together and has a huge brunch at the house.

“We celebrate all the mothers and it’s just a really great time with good food,” Lori said.

Hawthorne, who has a food blog called Give Me Some Mo, agrees that their Mother’s Day celebrations are super low key.

“We aren’t really over the top and it’s just a really great, intimate celebration,” Hawthorne said. “We just enjoy keeping it simple.”

Although low-key, Marjorie says their Mother’s Day celebrations are always full of love.

“Both my mother and grandmother instilled a strong sense of faith in me,” Marjorie said. “Steve and I have a huge blended family. Our relationship with God is the centerpiece for love in our family.”

Marjorie and Steve’s 2007 marriage created a blended family that includes 7 children – Steve’s twin daughters Brandi and Karli, now 34, from his marriage to his first wife Marcia, and sons Broderick, 26, and Wynton, 19, from his second marriage to Mary Shackelford, plus Marjorie’s children Morgan, 29, Jason, 25 and Lori, 20, from her previous marriage.

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The Mother’s Day celebration that stands out the most to Lori is the year that her first niece – two-year-old Rose, Hawthorne’s daughter – was born.

“That was fun having a new baby in the family,” Lori said. “There was a lot of love around.”

Hawthorne, who will also celebrate her 30th birthday on Mother’s Day, says she enjoys celebrating Mother’s Day with her family now that she is a mom herself.

“My mom will pick things up that Elle does and she says that she’s acting just like me,” Hawthorne said. “She says that Elle is basically a carbon copy of me.”

In addition to recalling memories from her children’s youth, Marjorie says that she also enjoys sharing laughs and recalling hilarious stories with her entire family, including her own mother.

“As long as I’m able to speak with my mother, each one of our children and grandchildren on Mother’s Day, I will always be happy,” Marjorie said.

Her advice for all the other mom’s in the world is to just relax on Mother’s Day.

“Tomorrow it’s back to mommy-on-duty,” Marjorie said. “We all know there are no days off when you are a mother.”

Hawthorne echoes these same sentiments for moms on Mother’s Day.

“There’s no rule book to being a mom, so give yourself some credit,” Hawthorne said. “Don’t stress about the little things. I tried to have this gold standard about what I think I should be doing as a mom. Enjoy those moments that you have, the mess-ups, the victories, it all helps to mold your child. Go with the flow. It’s all good.”