Mariah Carey Shows Off The Birkin Bag She Got From Floyd Mayweather And The Rest Of Her Amazing Closet

Diva. Glamorous. Extravagant. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when we think of Mariah Carey. Considering the iconic singer’s style is a direct reflection of her personality, we’d expect her closet to be nothing short of over-the-top. In an exclusive video for Vogue, Carey gave an inside look at her closet, and it didn’t disappoint at all!

In the video, Carey takes fans on a tour of her massive closet, which could easily pass for a luxury boutique. The iconic singer shows off her designer dress collection, and then reveals a to-die-for shoe collection that’s housed in a separate room. “I am a shoe fanatic,” Carey confesses in the video. She then shows off “the only shoes that matter”: a pair of slides, which she explains are the only shoes she could wear while pregnant.

However, the most surprising item that Carey revealed was a pink Birkin handbag that was actually a gift from Floyd Mayweather! Carey’s closet also includes numerous luxury handbags and sunglasses, and a lingerie closet. “I guess I dress up a lot, but if I have my way, I’ll just wear lingerie and like walk around the house,” Carey shares in the video.