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[MUSIC] The thing I love most about being the father. I mean all I know is I think it starts with love I think its tough. What is a good dad? If your children are as bad or as outrageous as mine, If you know how much fathers need to be celebrated. Every day I'm more passionate, I'm more determined because he has a future. And I want him to have a better life than I ever could imagine. And if you only had one child, then you're not really in the game yet. Because you don't hear he hit me. What's wrong? Get out of my stuff. It's matured me a lot. Cuz it's like it's more than myself now, I have my son. To live for and to look after. Get out stuff. What's wrong? He got my stuff. So I think when a father is doing the best he can and has love, love and attention. I'm teaching him how to swim now. Yeah. I teach him. He's learning. He's getting better. Being a father. You know I'm sure I've done many of think that people would look at And then kind of call me a bad father. But I know I'm not a bad father, because I love my child so much. The love, the unconditional love that I receive from my children. Yeah, that's what I love most. The most awesome experience is that I have ever, ever encountered in my life, which is raising children, being a father I think probably the most rewarding, satisfying things that I've ever been blessed by God to be able to do. You can give him a hug if you want, a bear hug. Oh, you good. [LAUGH] That's all right. [LAUGH]

Daddy's Girl: Mahershala Ali Shares A Sweet Moment With Baby Bari On Instagram

The actor is giving everyone major baby fever with a recent post.


Mahershala Ali becoming a dad is good for us, for two reasons. One, we get to see the hottie being an attentive father. And two, we can’t get enough of his precious newborn daughter.

On Instagram, the actor posted a photo of him and his baby girl with a caption of her name, Bari Najma. Staring at each other on the bed, the new father nuzzles his baby girl’s little toes.

Bari Najma✨

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The actor and his wife, Sami-Karim welcomed their little girl in February just days before he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in Moonlight


“Having a child is the polar opposite experience of the awards season experience,” he told Associated Press

“Having a child requires you to nest, to be in your home, and to create and make your home and environment that is one that is potentially very welcoming and nurturing for a child.”