While many people can recite his lyrics and name his films, many don’t know much about the daughter of famed rapper/actor LL Cool J, Nina-Symone Smith.

But not for long!

When your father is a Hip-Hop legend and your mother is a successful jewelry designer, music and style are sure to be in your bones.  So it’s no surprise that the 19-year-old recently debuted the music video her first single, “Call Me.”

The young starlet premiered the song on her Instagram page just as she celebrated her 19th birthday.

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Nina-Symone has kept a pretty lowkey profile over the years before coming into adulthood, often only appearing on red carpets with her parents or most memorably with her family on an episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter in a segment called, “The Best Lessons LL Cool J Taught His Children.”

Now, she’s stepping out of her father’s shadow into her own light and carving her own way in music — and we’re loving it.

Watch the video for “Call Me” below.


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