Why Is Lil Kim Being Investigated By The LAPD?
Neilson Barnard

Rapper Lil Kim has found herself in trouble as the rapper is at the center of a robbery investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department.

According to TMZ, the 43-year-old rapper rented an L.A. home to throw a private party before the BET Awards. TMZ claims that when Lil Kim arrived early Sunday, she wasn’t pleased with the house and asked for her deposit back.

Apparently the owner refused to return the money, which lead to an argument with Kim and her crew. Cops were called, but they said they couldn’t do anything regarding the civil matter. Kim and her crew left, but that’s when things reportedly went downhill.

Around four in the morning, a group of people allegedly showed up at the house with ski masks and weapons, and robbed the house of $20,000 in cash. They also slashed the tires of the owner’s car. 

Now, Kim is now at the center of the robbery investigation by the LAPD. But that didn’t stop her from appearing on stage at the BET Awards on Sunday.

TMZ reached out for a statement from the rapper’s team but didn’t hear back. This is a developing story.