Let Freedom Ring in Your Own Life
Keith Major

Growing up, I couldn’t wait to be grown. I got tired of people telling me what to do, when to do it and how. It was more than me just wanting to have my own way. I felt that I had the “right” to live true to whatever I believed. Since that time, I’ve taken tons of personality tests and assessments. They all reveal what I’ve known for a long time: freedom means everything to me! 

One of my first real lessons on freedom came from my dad when I was a 16-year-old newly licensed driver. That small piece of plastic carried my dreams for freedom. I would no longer need to depend on anyone to take me anywhere. I eagerly jumped at any and every opportunity to get behind the wheel. So, one day when my father invited me to drive him to my uncle’s house, I was ready!

My excitement was short lived. My “cool” dad morphed into a “nagging know it all” as I drove. Every stop or turn invoked correction. I kept thinking, “What is your problem? Relax, I just want to drive.” The more I longed for his silence the more he lectured.

By the time we reached my uncle’s, I’d silently—and unrealistically—vowed to never drive with my father again. In fact, I handed him the keys and told him that I didn’t want to drive home. Despite that, I have never forgotten the things he taught me about life and driving. The most important being that freedom comes with responsibility and a price!                                                       

If we want to experience emotional and spiritual freedom, here are some things we must understand:

1. Freedom respects universal laws and principles: Freedom isn’t a hall pass that gives us permission to do whatever we want. For instance, we aren’t free to mistreat and misuse others in our pursuit of success. If we do, we will set the law of reaping and sowing in motion against us. True freedom understands that when we respect and show value to others, it is a reflection of how we view ourselves. There are laws that govern life and freedom is gained when we live in accordance with them.

2. Freedom requires discipline: Free people have disciplined themselves to enjoy liberty. In order to have freedom in the long run, it will require saying “no” to immediate gratification. Emotional freedom requires that we discipline our thought lives. Financial freedom requires living with a budget. It is hard work being free—but it is worth it.

3. Freedom is built mentally: External controls can be applied to hinder someone else’s physical freedom. However, a free mind is key to overcoming all obstacles. Research of holocaust victims revealed that those who never lost hope for a return to normalcy and defined their lives beyond their conditions had the best survival rates. They refused to become captives in their thinking!

Do Your Work: Identify the area where you are struggling the most for your freedom? Which tip will best help you chart a path towards it?

Define Your Wealth: Affirm out loud, “I discipline myself. I accept responsibility. I work in agreement with the laws and principles of life and freedom. I am free to fully express and become all of who I am!”

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