Major: Lena Waithe Is The First Black Woman Nominated For A Comedy Writing Emmy
Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Back in July, Emmy nominations were announced with show’s like AtlantaBlack-ish, and Master of None racking up noms. 

Among those nominees was Lena Waithe, who received recognition for her “Thanksgiving” episode of Master of None, it marked the first time a Black woman had ever been nominated for comedy writing.

“I didn’t know I was the first Black woman,” Waithe told reporters at a GLAAD panel during the Television Critics Association press tour. Variety reports that Waithe was made aware of the historic nomination after her publicist confirmed it. And, while the Master of None star is the first Black women to receive the honor, Mindy Kaling is actually the first woman of color to earn a nomination in the same category.

Waithe admits that, initially, she was hesitant to step in front of the camera after penning the notable episode, but has since been moved by the praise the show has received. 

“Aziz, to his credit, said ‘I can’t tell your story.’ And I’m really grateful to him,” she added. “It’s the blackest piece of television,” she said. “It’s very black, it’s very female, it’s very gay.” 

“When a straight white guy says ‘Thanksgiving is my favorite episode,’ that’s when art is doing its job.”