LeBron James Paid Off World Series Bet with Dwyane Wade in the Most Playful Way
David Sherman/ Getty

Lebron James keep his promises.

The NBA champ arrived to the Cleveland Cavaliers’ game against the Chicago Bulls in a full Chicago Cubs uniform, as promised, to settle a wager with Dwyane Wade.The two former Miami Heat teammates had a bet on whether the Cubs would win the World Series over the Cleveland Indians. James fulfilled his obligation after the Cubs beat the Indians 8-7 in Game 7.

“Doesn’t he look good, everybody?” Wade said as James stepped off the team bus. Wade, who now plays for the Bulls, is originally from Chicago.  “Look at him, he looks great.” James took it in stride, making a pouty face as Wade whipped out his phone to take video of the spectacle. He was in full Cubs uniform, from the “C” cap down to the pinstripes.

“Pinstripes all the way down to the shoes,” he said in a video, showing off the uniform. “Yeah, I mean, all the way to the World Series patch on the arm. You know, my Indians gave everything they had, and the Cubs came back and they showed what true champions are all about. Meanwhile, I’m pinstriped up walking into a nationally televised game in Chicago because of the bet I lost. “So, you’re all welcome. You’re all welcome.”

Wade, though, said the point of it all was to enjoy the moment. “It was great. At the end of the day, we’re here to entertain as well,” he said. “This is our job and we do take it serious, but moments that you can entertain, from the walk in with the Cubs situation and the bet, even to the moments on the court when you can entertain. We continue to do our job in that space.”

James was most recently named Sports Ilustrated’s Sportsman of the Year.