Lance Gross is responding to backlash after he posted a photo of his newborn son earlier this week. And he isn’t having any of it!

The actor was accused of self-hate after he posted a photo of his less-than-a-month-old baby boy, Lennon, while making a joke about the infant’s skin color.

“LL Kool G my little man’s color is comin’ in nicely! I’m hyped!” he captioned the photo posted on Thursday.

But after commenters accused him of perpetuating colorism, the actor took to his Instagram hours later to clarify his comments.

“Two things I am proud of is the ability to smile through any situation and the rich melanin and layers my body,” he wrote in the post. “For my daughter or son to share that blessing makes me overjoyed.”

He added: “Miss me with the self-hate cause those assumptions are invalid. I love me more than anyone else ever could.”

Gross also said that he revels in his blackness and that of his wife, Rebecca, who happens to be lighter skinned. Some commenters accused Gross of preferring light-skinned women because of who he chose to marry. 

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“Colorism exists, yes, but y’all not about to label every dark skin Black man who is in a relationship with someone lighter complexion under that bus. I chose love not skin tone,” he clarified. 

Gross and his wife, who wed in 2015, welcomed their second child, Lennon Lorin Gross, in July

“Celebrated my born day on the 8th and today I’m celebrating my sons! God is good!” he wrote as a caption when he shared the newborn’s name, birthdate and time.

The actor and his wife are already proud parents to a daughter, Berkeley Brynn, whom they welcomed in 2014.


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