‘New Girl’s’ Lamorne Morris Dishes On The Show’s Final Season And Rappers Reactions To His Hip-Hop Parodies
Image Courtesy of Buick

Lamorne Morris is riding high following the release of his latest film, Game Night, and the upcoming final season of FOX’s New Girl

Morris, who stars in Buick’s March Madness campaign as the Dean of Fandom U, spoke to ESSENCE about the show’s final season, which sees him stepping into the director’s chair, and the possibility of a rap parody album.

New Girl fans will recognize Morris as Winston, the quirky bird shirt-loving cop who’s cat, Ferguson, is the apple of his eye. The final season of the show will jump forward a few years and fans are waiting impatiently to find out what happens to Winston and his fiancée Aly (Nasim Pedrad) and the other couples of the show.

“This final season was particularly done for the fans,” Morris told ESSENCE. “We address a lot of unsolved issues. We talk about certain romances in the loft and outside of the loft.”

Fans will also get to meet Winston’s father, played by J.B. Smoove, a moment many have been waiting for. Morris jokes that the moment “should be nominated for an Oscar.” “You get to see new members of families pop up. My father shows up in an episode. I think you’ll be impressed because I directed that episode. When you watch it you’re gonna notice a different tone and for some reason, you’re gonna say, ‘Man, I feel like even though this is television, this episode, in particular, should be nominated for an Oscar.’ That’s how good it’s gonna be.”

When Morris isn’t busy acting or working behind the scenes, he can be seen in some of the best rap parody videos on YouTube. 

Buick’s Dean of Fandom U has parodied 21 Savage, dropped “I Digress,” featuring his alter ego The Homie Steve, and poked fun at Trinidad James as Belizean James.

“I ran into Trinidad James,” Morris said, discussing his rap parody “No Gold Anything” and James’ reaction to it.

He was not very happy to see me until much later in the evening when he came up to me and told me that he thought it was funny.” Morris adds he’s heard that other rappers he’s parody enjoy the videos as well. The actor is also working on a parody album, which, hopefully, will come sometime this year. 

Fans of Morris can currently catch his new comedy, Game Night, in theaters. New Girl will return for its seventh and final season April 10 and Morris assures us that Winston’s bird shirt game is still on point.

It’s always going to be on point. Bird might even turn into different animals. I’m just sayin’. On and off screen, my bird shirt game insane. I want you to stay tuned for my own personal bird shirt line coming up. When you see it, don’t be surprised when you see birds with my face all over it. “