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LaKeith Stanfield Concerns Fans After Series Of Cryptic Instagram Posts

The actor later reassured fans that he was all right, writing, "I’m ok everyone I apologize for making you worry."

We all know LaKeith Stanfield to be a bit eclectic (which is what we love about him), but after he posted a series of alarming photos and videos on Instagram, fans became worried about his well-being.

The posts that raised red flags featured a now-deleted video of Stanfield filling a pill bottle for beta-blockers with alcohol and the caption “bottoms up.”

Stanfield also posted comments such as “I like to be by myself because I can hurt myself and no one tells me to stop or fakes like they care,” and another that read, “Reality is boring and moves too slow and no one is trustworthy.”

After fans voiced their concerns on social media, Stanfield took to Instagram early Tuesday morning to release a statement. The actor wrote in a caption, “I’m ok everyone I apologize for making you worry.”

He added, “I’m ok everyone! I appreciate everyone checking in on me but I’m good. Im not harming myself. Much love” 

Platform PR, the publicists on behalf of Stanfield, also confirmed Tuesday that the actor was okay. 

Stanfield rose to fame with his breakout roles in Atlanta and Get Out. He recently costarred alongside Issa Rae in The Photograph.