L.A. Reid’s departure from Sony could have something to do with claims made by an assistant that the record executive harassed her.

A source told Billboard that Reid’s sudden exit came after claims from an assistant that the veteran music exec made “inappropriate remarks about her appearance and clothing.”

In a letter to Sony, the woman’s lawyer writes that Reid made “propositions that caused her embarrassment and distress, making it impossible for her to continue working at the label.”

The letter threatens litigation if a settlement is not reached. 

The source claims that the allegations prompted a company investigation into Reid’s conduct.

Sony has been under fire over a similar case when singer-songwriter Ke$ha accused Dr. Luke, producer and CEO of Kemosabe Records, of sexual abuse. In April, the company announced that Dr. Luke would be stepping down from his role at Kemosabe. 

Reid and Sony have yet to comment on the allegations.