Kirk Franklin is opening up about how forgiveness has changed his relationship with his biological father, who put him up for adoption. The gospel singer also revealed his dad has only three to six months to live. The 48-year-old singer detailed in a lengthy Instagram post that he recently received an anonymous telephone call, informing him that his birth father, whom he resented for putting him up for adoption, had less than six months to live. “I’ve lived my entire life hating this man,” Franklin wrote in the caption of a photo of him embracing his father and kissing the top of his head.
“He and my biological mother gave me up for adoption, and it left me never feeling good enough…to this very day,” he revealed. “I took my hate for him and used it as fuel to be the best father I could be for my own.” Still, Franklin introspectively came to the conclusion that he was still “wrong” because he wrote that he “never took that fuel, and turn[ed] it into forgiveness….and that is wrong. Wrong for him, me, and the God I proclaim to represent.” Franklin said that in an effort to avoid becoming a hypocrite, he had to forgive his father. “How can I preach what I don’t practice,” he continued. “It’s painful, it’s a process, but how disappointed I would be in myself for this man to leave this earth without being forgiven. He deserves to receive what God gives me everyday. Pray for him, and for me. God this is hard…I weep as I write.” We’re happy that Franklin could come to this resolution. We’ll be praying for the gospel singer and his father.