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The world cannot get enough of The Franklins. Just check Instagram on any given week and you’ll find reposts of their hilarious family moments, including their epic Mother’s Day remix of the Savage challenged and cute testimonials from when they were dating. Everyone wants to know what makes them work so well. And if the latest episode of Yes, Girl! podcast is any indication, Kirk and Tammy Franklin’s relationship is as beautiful as it is because they keep the communication flowing.

The couple joins Yes, Girl! hosts Cori Murray and Charli Penn for a side-splitting, inspiring and sobering conversation about everything from how we’re all trying to wrestle with our doubts and anxieties to why Tammy appreciates her husband’s musical process.

“Although I’m a wife, I am a fan. There’s songs that he’s written years ago I forget. I know he did it, but I forget. Oh my gosh, like ‘Now Behold the Lamb.’ Every time I hear it, I’m a wreck. I’m like, that’s right, my man wrote that,” Tammy muses.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – OCTOBER 05: Kirk Franklin and Tammy Collins attend Tyler Perry Studios grand opening gala at Tyler Perry Studios on October 05, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Tyler Perry Studios)

One new song she loves from her hubby is “Strong God,” from his latest album Long Live Love. Its lyrics are as timely as ever: “we don’t eat until everyone is free /and we won’t sleep until everybody eats / until lives matter / more than tithes matter…”

Still, whatever the state the world is in, they rely on each other for hope. Though their love story began over 25 years ago, the foundation remains solid as a rock.

“My love for Tammy is really rooted deeper in my love for Christ,” reveals Franklin. “And so my love for God has to be reflected in my love for her just because I am very clear that God’s hand and God’s grace flows through her. That all the great things in my life are a conduit of her life with me, and so that is how I view every aspect of my life.”

Are you swooning yet?

You won’t want to miss a single second of this episode as The Franklins give us a hilarious and inspiring story time discussing :


“I think the biggest thing that hasn’t been said from behind the pulpits of our faith-based communities, and even from people that have the microphone at times in the faith-based community is that we don’t share enough how damaged our faith can be. That lot of times, it looks like that we are people that live in rainbows and flowers, and that is a great mistake.”


“I’m thinking okay, you did all this to met me. And he was fully dressed in cross colors. Now, everybody else has on swimming suits, so I’m like why do you have on Cross Colors? Why are you fully clothed? And he says to me I’m a minister of music and I’m just leaving choir rehearsal. Well, that stuck out to me…”


“Listen, no cap. I’m telling you, if they keep taking the lives of my brothers, I may be in these streets trying to rally a march or something. I’m serious. Right now, I’m thinking of tangible things to be able to show my unity and support, so I could be in the streets with men and women of whatever diverse backgrounds that believe that something’s got to change because the climate is very difficult to celebrate in right now.”

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