Keyshia Ka'oir: 7 Things To Know About Gucci Mane's Fianceé

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Gucci Mane and his fiancee Keyshia Ka’Oir will tie the knot in front of the world, with their live wedding and reality show.

The couple who met over five years ago have stayed strong through the ups and downs and with the release of the rapper’s book, we’ve learned much more about him. But for those of you curious about the former video model, we’ve gathered some fun facts below. 


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Although Ka'Oir resides in Miami, it's been reported that she's from St. Thomas, Jamaica. She moved to the States and pursued modeling —eventually meeting Gucci on the set of a music video where he made her the lead.

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It was reported that Keyshia fell in love with Gucci after she bathed him. On The Real, she cleared up the statement by noting that in Jamaica to "bathe" is to take a "shower". But she is willing to wash her man's back. "That's why I got a ring, baby," she told the hosts. "You got to keep him."

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After his three years in jail, Gucci came straight into the arms of Keyshia, who's credited for helping him get healthy. "He's was willing to change his life," she said on ESSENCE Now. "He wanted to be healthy. He wanted to just, you know, live a happier, easier life. And of course I was in the background to make sure he did it."

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A celebrity wedding? Nope. Keyshia and Gucci are keeping their nuptials lowkey with only real family and friends. "Only celebrity bridesmaid I have is Trina," she told ESSENCE Now. "I didn't want this whole celebrity wedding. I wanted something natural with our real friends and our real family."

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It's no secret the beauty and fashion world often grabs aesthetics from smaller brands, to make their own. So when Keyshia shared that her signature blue and glitter lipsticks were two things her brand is known for, we weren't surprised. "I embrace it all," she told ESSENCE Now about competition in the Black beauty space. "A lot of brands have come after me and clearly copied my entire thing, but I'm not upset. I'm a trendsetter. This is something I started and am still going strong and my business is huge right now. And I'm loving every bit of it."

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Before getting serious with Gucci, Keyshia had her own business. "A lot of people who knew me before Gucci, knew I had a cosmetic line," she shared on ESSENCE Now. "For my newer fan there's just thinking, 'Oh, she's just Gucci's fiancee.' So the show shows you my entrepreneurship skills."

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It's been reported that she made her first million at the age of 26. "I am very persistent and I knew what I wanted," she told The Jamaican Observer about her cosmetic line. "I worked hard to make that happen. I own 100 percent of my business so it took 100 percent of my time to make the sales happen. I started out as a video model with a large fan base so they were, and continued to be, my primary customer base. I love my fans."