Kevin Hart Teams Up With Rally Health to Prove That Wellness is No Joke

You might as well refer to ESSENCE Fest headliner Kevin Hart as Dr. Hart from now on because he’s making your health his No. 1 priority. The comedian is teaming up with Rally Health, a digital service that helps people monitor their physical activity, become more engaged in their wellness and lead healthier lifestyles.

“[Rally Health] is something that basically puts people in the position where they can understand not only the benefits of living right and treating your body the way that you’re supposed to, but the knowledge,” Hart told “The whole thing is about empowerment, about making people better.”

Hart knows the importance of staying in good shape. He’s currently on his WHAT NOW tour, which means a lot of late nights and early mornings that can really take a toll on the body. But that doesn’t mean his fitness game is slacking. Just scroll through his Instagram to see proof of his get-fit lifestyle. 

“Right now the goal is just to get my 8-pack together. I’ve got six of them, so I’m just trying to get the rest of those,” Hart says of his numerous gym selfies. 

Even though he’s known to joke around, as the official ambassador for Rally Health, Hart’s goal is to motivate people to get serious about the future of their health because the truth is, we all only have one life to live.

“Reality is if you do not take care of yourself, you will DIE. Flat out. Plain and simple,” Hart says. “You get one body, and that one body should be treated like a temple. You should take care of that body.”

Hart has made a career out of helping people feel better and teaming up with Rally Health is the next step toward spreading wellness through laughter and motivation. 

“The ultimate goal is for people to leave laughing, feeling better about themselves,” Hart says. “It’s basically motivate people to want to do more, to see what hard work can get you, that it truly does pay off.”

And at the end of the day, Hart still believes laughter is the best medicine and his stand-up is sure to give you the best workout of your life.  

“Believe it or not, laughter is a workout. Laughter is a nice little ab workout. I’ve literally worked my abs by laughing so hard to the point where that it’s equal to doing exercise,” he says. “I think laughing is just a lazier route to take, but it does work.”

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