Kevin Hart Explains How His First Marriage Forced Him To Become A Better Man

On Oprah's 'Master Class', the actor, comedian and family man details why he was forced to grow up to prepare for his second marriage.

Lauren Porter Jun, 08, 2017

Some say that age is just a number, but for Kevin Hart, his age had everything to do with why his first marriage to ex-wife Torrei Hart failed. 

The actor and comedian were both very young when they met, married and became parents to their daughter Heaven, 12, and son Hendrix, 9.

In this exclusive clip from Oprah’s Master Class, our June cover star details what he learned about love and life in his first marriage to prepare him for his second marriage to now wife, Eniko

“I can say I was guilty of being caught up in the fast-paced lifestyle,” says Hart of his behaviors early in his career. “I was a boy. I was an immature boy and she was an immature woman, and together, no one was ever wrong. [It was like] we clash, we clash, we hate, we hate, we fight, we fight. And I was just like, you know what, I’m not ready for marriage. So when you can make that decision, it shows that you’re already starting to change.”

Tune into the season premiere of Oprah’s Master Class on Saturday, June 10 at 10 p.m. ET/PT for more from Hart. 

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In any relationship it's very hard to understand being gone. It's very hard to understand coming in the house three four in the morning on a consistent basis. As a comedian we're out until five am, but you can't tell a person that, that doesn't understand that world. It looks like you're moving on And living life without me. It's a fast-paced life. And I can say I was guilty of being caught up in the fast-paced lifestyle. I was a boy. I was an immature boy, and she was an immature woman. And together, Nobody was ever wrong. We clash, we clash. We hate, we hate. We fight, we fight. And I just was like, you know what, man? I'm just not ready for marriage. So when you can make that decision, it shows that you're already starting to change. The good that comes out of that is what we're able to do for our kids. That anger is removed, so now you're better. Because when you're around me, you're not angry. And our kids don't see that. That positivity just shines and it lights up in the relationship that I'm in now this marriage. She was able to get a Kevin 2.0, a Kevin as a grown man. I had to be different to get different. I wanted her to see. See what it is that I really do. See all of the hard work that goes into it. See what I'm really building. And doing that, when you're a part of it, I'm so open and honest about everything, you become intuned. And when you're intuned you're in sync. And when you're in sync you're inseparable. Because I know what you know, and you know what I know. There are no secrets, you know? My past is my past, but I'm open about it, you know. Her past is her past, I know.