Keshia Knight Pulliam Explains Her Support Of Bill Cosby
POOL PHOTO by DAVID MAIALETTI / The Philadelphia Inquirer

Bill Cosby’s trial officially began last week with the comedian and star of The Cosby Show facing allegations of sexual assault.

Right by his side as he entered the courthouse was former co-star Keshia Knight Pulliam, who played Rudy on the family sitcom. Of course, the move stirred tons of controversy and backlash with many sharing their thoughts online. 



On her podcast Kandidly Keshia, the actress shared her her reason for attending Cosby’s trial, also adding that the opinions of those online were harsh. 

“Everyone always has an opinion and feels as though their opinion should matter to you,” she said, adding that social media has especially made it much easier for people to do so. “I feel like with social media it’s gotten more crazy and they feel like they can talk to you any kind of way.”

“Yes, I have supported Mr. Cosby because I’ve said from day one you’re innocent until proven guilty and those are not the interactions I’ve had with him, it’s up to the jury to make that decision.”

Cosby is currently on trial for one of the numerous sexual assault allegations made against him. The prosecution represents Andrea Constand, a former mentee of the comedian. In 2015, unsealed documents revealed that Cosby admitted to purchasing and giving women drugs during consensual sex. During last week’s testimonies witness Kelly Johnson admitted to reluctantly taking a pill as Cosby watched. 

“I wasn’t sure what was going on exactly,” she said according to The Daily Beast. “At one point he said that I looked like I needed to relax. He opened his hand and there was a large white pill in the palm of his hand. I said, ‘no no I’m fine,’ but he kept insisting, telling me I needed to relax. I asked him what it is and he wouldn’t tell me.”