Kerry Washington Supports Hubby Nnamdi Asomugha At ‘Crown Heights’ Screening
Brett Worth / EyeEm

Over the weekend, Scandal star Kerry Washington hosted a Los Angeles screening of Crown Heights to show her hubby, Nnamdi Asomugha, some love as he stars alongside Lakeith Stanfield in the new drama.

Saturday night, Washington introduced the panel following the screening, calling its members “very special people.” Washington’s hubby plays Carl ‘KC’ King in the drama about Colin Warner, a man who was wrongfully imprisoned for a murder. The former NFL cornerback is also a producer on the project. 

Asomugha spent the last few years slowly transitioning into film after a seven-year NFL career. He told ET, “You walk into a room and there’s already judgment. You know, like football players can’t act or you’re going to come in and be stiff. When you do that much of your life and then you want to go act, where you have to be emotive, you have to be open and you have to be vulnerable —it can be a difficult thing.”


Luckily, Asomugha has Washington in his corner, who he thanks for being so supportive. “I know so many people who’ve been through situations where they’ve gone from one career to another and have had such a tough time because they didn’t have any support doing it. I just know how important it was for me,” Asomugha added.

While, currently, there aren’t any roles on his to-do list for the remainder of 2017, Asomugha is set to executive produce Harriet, the Cynthia Erivo-led biopic about Harriet Tubman.