Keri Hilson Finally Addresses Delay In Music: ‘There Have Been So Many Blockages’
Prince Williams/Getty Images
Keri Hilson recently penned a letter to her fans, giving an explanation for why she stepped away from the music scene. “I’ll delete this,” she captioned the post itself. “I just wanted you to know I see & hear your requests, & carefully hold your love & support in my heart.” Hilson has released bits of music here and there since her 2010 album “No Boys Allowed,” but has generally shied away from releasing any project. “My truth is, I’d love nothing more than to release this incredible music I’ve been ‘sitting on,’” Hilson began in the lengthy post. “There have been so many blockages I have constantly fought myself to not directly speak about.” Wilson went on to explain vaguely that she has been evolving, and that she had lost people close to her as part of this journey. “I’ve lost some pivotal characters in the process of stepping away for my well-being,” she added. “Though I was prepared for the possibility that some wouldn’t understand the trials of my life, it still hurts.” “Other figures of my past are greedy, unreasonable and refuse to honor my growth,” Hilton continued. What she was clear about is that she has grown and stretched immensely — a transition that will ultimately affect her music for the better. “I will emerge from this cocoon just as beautifully as I have overcome the other processes in my life that were designed to grow for me!” the singer concluded the post. We can’t wait!


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