Kelly Rowland’s Lips Are Sealed When It Comes To Beyoncé’s Twins
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Beyoncé has reportedly given birth to twins and people have been clamoring for information about the babies since the news dropped. 

Bey’s bestie Kelly Rowland probably knows something about the little bundles of joy, but if she does, she isn’t telling. 

Rowland has found a hilarious way to avoid talking about Beyoncé and the twins when those pesky paparazzi bombard her with questions, a short, sweet, “No.”

Seems everyone in the Knowles-Carter circle is staying mum — well, almost everyone — so don’t expect updates about the twins anytime soon.

Still, we’ll be keeping a vigilant eye on Beyoncé’s social media pages, as well as mom Tina Knowles-Lawson and JAY-Z’s social channels. 

Until then, we’ll be impatiently waiting.