How To Become a YouTube Star with Kellie Sweet

With a YouTube following of more than half a million in counting and an Instagram of 71K, 19-year old Kellie Sweet has found the secret to Internet stardom. She’s a beauty and fashion girl with a knack for acting (and writing too) and she’s only just getting started. This year, Sweet was a guest beauty vlogger at our Inaugural ESSENCE Festival Beauty & Style Expo, where she shared tips on the proper strobing and contouring techniques. We caught up with the beauty and style star to get the scoop on what it takes to make it on YouTube, here are for top five tips:

1. Be true to yourself. “YouTube is not a private place—anyone can start [their own channel.] Be true to yourself—it’s silly to start a channel acting like someone else.”

2. Be versatile. You don’t have to limit yourself to one craft. Dance, sing, cook—there’s something out there for everyone. Even I’m trying to more than just beauty.

3. Work hard. “I generally don’t give my fans a schedule for when they can expect a new video, but I do commit a full day in my own schedule to filming videos. If I’m editing and filming, I stay in the house and focus on that, even if my friends want to hang out. You have to be dedicated.”

4. Do your research. “To stay relevant you have to be on top of what’s trending.”

5.Listen to your friends and fans. “You can upload anything you like, but certain things won’t attract an audience [if it’s not what’s hot right now.] I try to do things that I know people are searching for or interested in, and—of course— I always listen to subscribers.”

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