Keke Palmer Has Changed Her Hair 11 Times In The Last Month And We Love Every Single Look 

Keke Palmer is quite the chameleon. The "Scream Queen" actress seems to change her hair like the wind changes directions (read: she changes it a lot). Since the beginning of Septmeber Keke has switched up her hairstyle at least 11 times! Her colorful collection of wigs and weaves are amazing -- but it's her personal style and swag that really make her mane pop. Check out the gallery below for all the head-turning looks she as rocked in the past month. 

Julee Wilson Oct, 07, 2016

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October 6: Looking ravishing in red.

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October 4: Loving this lavender look.

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October 1: Channeling her inner Lil Kim or Eve?

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September 30: #Icy

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September 27: Colorblocking like a pro.

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September 21: She's clearly a fan or red and we can see why.

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September 7: Red hot!

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September 6: Aaliyah vibes.

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September 5: Short and sweet!

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September 4: Black is beautiful.

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September 2: Crazy. Sexy. Cool.