Kate Winslet Reveals Idris Elba Has A Foot Fetish
Isabel Infantes – PA Images/Getty Images

This article originally appeared on EW.

Idris Elba is revealing quite a lot on the cover of EW this week, but he still has kept some things under wraps. Until his The Mountain Between Us costar Kate Winslet revealed his predilection for feet on The Graham Norton Show. 

The two share a love scene in the movie, and while filming it, Winslet made the surprising discovery about her costar’s foot fetish.

While shooting the scene in question, Elba asked Winslet to “keep your socks on.” Winslet, who admits she has “very, very big feet,” was a little offended as one might expect. She assumed her costar did not want to see her feet because he didn’t like the appendage in general and was afraid hers were particularly hideous.

“It’s the opposite, ladies and gentleman,” Winslet announced. “Idris loves feet.”

So, while you’re enjoying this week’s edition of EW, kick off your shoes and put your feet up in Idris’ honor.

Watch the video above for more from Winslet and Elba on shooting love scenes.