Kanye West Drops New Music That Amplifies His Support of Trump
Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images
Another day, another Kanye West update. The controversial rapper has had quite a week, making the international headlines every time he logs on to Twitter. And last night was no different. The rapper dropped new music Friday night, using the new song “Ye vs. The People” to defend his support for President Donald Trump. “I know Obama was Heaven sent, but ever since Trump won, it proved that I could be president,” West raps in the track, in which he is debating known-Trump critic T.I. “Make America Great Again had a negative reception. I took it, wore it, rocked it gave it a new direction. Added empathy, care and love and affection, and y’all simply questionin’ my methods,” he says in the song. Kanye has drained many dry with his controversial tweets over the past few days. He has claimed that he loved Trump, stepped out in a MAGA hat, and praised black conservative Candace Owens who has openly dismissed the Black Lives Matter movement. Kanye also accused former president Barack Obama of never doing anything for Chicago. The new song also dropped as he seemingly put aside his differences with John Legend to attend Chrissy Teigen’s baby shower on Friday night. Legend reached out to his longtime friend on Thursday, in hopes that Yeezy would reconsider aligning himself with Trump. Kanye went on to air their exchange on Twitter. On Friday, the rapper shared a selfie with Legend from the baby shower. “We got love. Agree to disagree,” Kanye captioned the photo. Kanye also posted a video of Legend playing his hit “Ordinary People.” Looks like they’ve cleared the air.

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