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Kanye West and Fiancée Officially Pick Paris for Summer Wedding

Last night, West's fiancée Kim Kardashian shared the couple's official wedding location.
Kanye West and Fiancée Officially Pick Paris for Summer Wedding
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It seems those pesky rumors that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were planning to marry at famed Parisian palace Versaille were sort of true. The couple will get married in Paris, just not at the opulent palace as previously reported.

Last night, West’s fiancée appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and let the cat out of the bag. “We took a private tour,” said Kardashian about being photographed at Versaille. “[Kanye] and I have never been there. And of course, everyone thought we were picking that as a wedding place. We were just taking at our.”

She then confirmed that they will jump the broom in the City of Lights this summer. “We love it there,” said Kardashian. “It’s our second home. We spend so much time there. We have an apartment there. We really love it.”

However no wedding, especially a wedding with two big celebrities, is complete without the bells and whistles. Kardashian said they’re splitting up the duties. “We’re taking different roles,” she said. “He’ll take care of the music. I’ll take care of the seating chart. We’re making it really easy on each other.”

She says she’s thankful that West has taken an interest in helping plan the wedding. “He’s really passionate about it,” she explained. “It makes my job really easy. He knows what he wants.”