Dear Kanye:

Pretend you don’t even know her name. Pretend you never dated her. Pretend you never met her. Pretend you never claimed her. Pretend she never influenced your style. Pretend she never made you happy. Pretend you’re not holding on to fact that you were once her man or the fact that she moved on and found happiness without you. Pretend you don’t know she got married. Pretend you don’t know she has a son who should not be mentioned in all of this mess. Pretend you don’t know better. Pretend she can’t make this even worse for all involved.

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We’ve talked to you about this before. Maybe you’ve forgotten. Last year, you said you had to take “30 showers” before you got with your now-wife. Today, you insinuated that Wiz Khalifa should be embarrassed by the fact that he has a child by a woman who used to be a stripper—a woman YOU proudly wore on your arm once upon a time. Why, Kanye? Why should we shame her for her past now—and not when you were her man?  If someone came for your wife, bringing up her past, we’d say the same thing: let it go.

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By the time you read these words, you will probably have come to your senses and have deleted all of your hurtful tweets. However you know the Internet never forgets. But we’ll pretend today never happened—if you promise to just keep her name out of your mouth—forever.


All of us.

Aliya S. King, an contributor, is the author of two novels and three nonfiction books, including the New York Times best-seller Keep the Faith, written with recording artist Faith Evans. She lives in New Jersey. Find her on Twitter and at