Joy Reid Shuts Down Killer Mike After Rapper Attempts To Drag Her On Instagram
Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Joy-Ann Reid and Killer Mike might have beef after the rapper stepped out of line over the weekend.

Over the weekend, Reid shared a photo of herself all glammed up and thanked her hair and makeup team, writing, “And not to be outdone… @glamluxxe and @savvychicz, who rocked the H&M for our Elgin Baylor shoot!”

However, it seems Killer Mike took “H&M” to mean the mega-retailer that was called out earlier this year for featuring a racist image of a Black boy in a hoodie that read “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle.”

Killer Mike, who appeared on NRA TV in March to show his support for the gun-loving organization, took time out of his day to comment on Reid’s post. He wrote, “So Me doing an interview about black Gun Ownership with the NRA is ‘bad’ but u promoting a company that tagged a Black Child a Monkey is ‘good, cool, acceptable.'” 

However, Reid’s “H&M” was not referring to the retailer, but to her hair and makeup team and the MSNBC host quickly clapped back. 

“‘H&M’ stands for ‘hair and makeup,'” Reid responded. “The two women beside me in this pic did my hair (H) and makeup (M) for a shoot. … And here I was thinking you were an intellectual, and not just the guy who hangs out in the sunken place talking guns with the NRA’s ‘official black guy.'”

She went on to add, “Also … who starts a feud in Instagram comments? Is your Twitter account locked?”

Killer Mike later owned up to his mistake, taking to Twitter to thank Reid for “getting me together.”

“Yup I got educated and I appreciated.  I’m making sure I’m staying with the people tho no more outta line with me,” he tweeted.


Let this be a reminder: jumping to conclusions helps no one. 

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