Jill Scott: Things Fall Apart

Pair the songstress who writes the sound track to Black women's lives with the novelist who can read us like an open book and the result is the most real--and intimate--interview either has ever done. As The Real Thing, Jill's eagerly anticipated fi
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 09, 2009

ON BODY IMAGE: “Once I started looking for a record deal, I had a trainer. And the trainer told me that I would never sell a record if I didn’t lose weight. And it just made me hungry. If you like it, you like it and if you don’t, don’t criticize. Be helpful.

ON THE REAL THING, HER NEW CD: “I didn’t allow myself to know whatever misgivings or sadness or separation there was between my husband and me. I just wanted to stay positive. I learned a lot, and some of that I’ve tried to convey in this project.”

ON HER ROLE IN TYLER PERRY’S NEW FILM, WHY DID I GET MARRIED?: “Sheila [the character she portrays] was sad, but she didn’t know it. She was lonely and didn’t know she was lonely. And I guess I relate to that.”

ON FINDING LOVE AGAIN: “I would love to have a baby and I’d love for the man who helped me conceive that child to be holding my hand when I give birth. I would love that.”

Photo Credit: Len Prince