ON BODY IMAGE: “Once I started looking for a record deal, I had a trainer. And the trainer told me that I would never sell a record if I didn’t lose weight. And it just made me hungry. If you like it, you like it and if you don’t, don’t criticize. Be helpful.

ON THE REAL THING, HER NEW CD: “I didn’t allow myself to know whatever misgivings or sadness or separation there was between my husband and me. I just wanted to stay positive. I learned a lot, and some of that I’ve tried to convey in this project.”

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ON HER ROLE IN TYLER PERRY’S NEW FILM, WHY DID I GET MARRIED?: “Sheila [the character she portrays] was sad, but she didn’t know it. She was lonely and didn’t know she was lonely. And I guess I relate to that.”

ON FINDING LOVE AGAIN: “I would love to have a baby and I’d love for the man who helped me conceive that child to be holding my hand when I give birth. I would love that.”

Photo Credit: Len Prince