Love & Hip Hop: Miami star Jessie Woo has made quite the splash since hitting the social media scene and becoming a widely-adored influencer a few years ago.

Her hilarious videos, tackling everything from McDonald’s perpetually broken ice cream machines to getting that good “zozo” (or the :cough: D), have been keeping the masses giggling on Instagram and waiting impatiently for what the Hatian-American comedienne will do next.

Now Woo, whose birth name is Jessica Juste, is celebrating her first EP titled Moods of a Cancer, released back in June to rave reviews and even a poster campaign takeover in Flatbush Brooklyn by an unknown superfan. What’s next for the now-singer who admits to having moments of struggle early in her career?

Woo, who told ESSENCE’s Yes, Girl! podcast that she at times felt like God had forgotten about her, said that now she wants to go big, not home. In fact, she’s now unafraid to be very clear when praying about her future.

“I’m specific, and I’m like, ;This is what I want, God.’ And the only reason I can be that way now is because I’m not afraid to,” she explained. “I don’t think that God has forgotten me anymore.”

Woo continued, “I’m in a place where I can be more specific now and I’m like, ‘OK, God, this is specifically what I want: I want a Grammy. I want to play Lauryn Hill in a biopic.’”

At 29 years old, the stand-up comedian has learned a lesson that many don’t grasp until much later in life: delay is not denial. Along with new music, Woo is a co-host of  Power Star Live on Twitter and BET Breaks.

“I’m happy. I’m where I’m supposed to be at the time I’m supposed to be here. I’m handling it the way I’m supposed to handle it,” she said. “There’s something about the grind…when you’re able to look [in] hindsight, [and] you’re like, ‘Wow. It was worth it.'”

Check out the full episode, featuring Woo, on Yes, Girl! below: