Lawrence And Issa’s Break Up On ‘Insecure’ Was Too Real For Actor Jay Ellis

Insecure is set to return for its second season this summer and we’re still not over the way season one ended. 


Lawrence (Jay Ellis) and Issa (Issa Rae) had a messy breakup because Issa cheated. Lawrence then grabbed his little pillow and rebounded with a bank teller. Fans have been in their feelings about it ever since and lines have been drawn—you’re either “Team Lawrence” or “Team Issa” and there’s no in between.

But, for Ellis, the couple’s break up was a little difficult. He told The Wrap, “I felt like I spent so much time getting close to Issa [Rae] and that relationship and just how close we had become as cast mates. I felt like I was breaking up with her as a person in real life.”

With season two set to return July 23, Ellis has a few ideas about where he wants to take Lawrence, particularly exploring what happens to men after they’re cheated on.

“It’s not something that we get to see,” he said. “It hasn’t really been talked about on TV a lot, the different stages we go through. Does he go back? Does he become numb and never have feelings again? Does he go out and look for another girl? I would really like to see what happens with that.”

And so would we.