15 Times Ms. Jackson Was Real Nasty

It’s Janet… Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty.

Crystal Tate May, 16, 2017

From when we were first introduced to Janet Jackson as Penny on Good Times to her breakthrough album Control, Jackson has commanded the attention of millions as a multitalented singer, dancer and actress. One of the best-selling artists in music history, Jackson (who was literally like the Beyoncé of the ‘90s) is heading on her State of the World Tour this fall after giving birth to her first son, Eissa, in January at age 50. In honor of Jackson’s upcoming tour and her thirty-plus year career, here’s a look at Jackson’s sexiest moments ever.

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Virgin Records

"I was discovering freedom in physical pleasure and loved writing about sexuality. I tried to do it subtly and tastefully, but I also wanted to push the boundaries a bit."

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6 of 15 Virgin Records

Although Janet Jackson’s seventh album All for You was sexually charged, it was released without a parental advisory label and months later, the album had to be reissued with the warning. The album was apparently so explicit that several countries banned it.

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9 of 15 Virgin Records

In 2004, Janet Jackson released her eighth album, Damita Jo. The album was considered one of the singer’s most sexually explicit. Coincidentally right before the album’s release, Jackson performed alongside Justin Timberlake at Super Bowl XXXVIII when her breast became exposed. Even though Jackson was asked to tone down the album’s suggestive lyrics post-Nipplegate, she refused.

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Move over, Sasha Fierce! After Damita Jo was released, Janet Jackson revealed two alter egos: Damita Jo and Strawberry. In 2004, Jackson described Strawberry to Blender magazine as "the most sexual of them all, the wildest."

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In 2006, Janet Jackson appeared on the cover of Vibe magazine in the nude. Posing in the water, Jackson is wearing simply a necklace of seashells with her right arm covering her breasts and a string bikini bottom.

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King was known for putting video vixens on its cover, but in November 2006, a then 40-year-old Janet Jackson appeared on the cover in just her bra and panties with an unbuttoned shirt and blazer that didn’t cover anything.

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In 2008, Janet Jackson released her tenth album, Discipline. The racy cover art of the album featured Jackson in bondage. Compared to her Janet cover, it was actually pretty tame for Ms. Jackson.