The lyrics to Rich Gang’s “Lifestyle” feat. Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan have confused the best of us—just ask Tracee Ellis Ross and this Twitter user.

Thankfully, Issa Rae is here to break it down, piece by piece, on her web series, Ratchetpiece Theater.

“Young Thug’s incomprehensible, unattainable, whiney lyrics are wealth personified,” Rae explains. “When life is good, nobody needs to understand you. ‘What is he saying?’ Oh, it doesn’t matter because he has more money than you. He doesn’t have the time to explain and articulate and adjust his mouth to properly form words for you.”

Rae also makes a case for reclassifying the term “ratchet” which she thinks has lost it’s pure meaning.

“Ever since last year, it’s kind of just become diluted,” she says. “It’s been adopted by people who really just don’t understand it. And this show is about appreciating the finest of the gutter. It’s about finding the diamond in the rough neck.”

Watch her hilarious take on the ratchet anthem in this Must-See, and don’t worry, there are subtitles so you can follow along.