Issa Rae Officially Feels Famous

Issa Rae’s HBO show Insecure has been a big hit, but the star and creator is now facing a new challenge — fame.

Rae told the Associated Press that with her success has come more recognition, she can’t even walk around her Los Angeles neighborhood.

“The true test for me was Inglewood,” she said. “I live in Inglewood, and I walk in Inglewood all the time. I do a morning walk, and nobody recognized me. Then just a couple weeks ago I did my routine walk and I had three cars turn around and stop… One almost tried to follow me home. So I was like, oh, I can’t do this anymore in my own neighborhood.”

That’s a little scary.

However, despite creepy fans following her, the actress is handling things well. She has two television projects in the  works (Giants and Minimum Wage) and Insecure’s second season is set to drop July 23. 

“I’m taking it all in stride. The show, Insecure, occupies like eight or nine months out of the year. But I’m happy to be in this position. It’s a good problem to have.”