Issa Rae Is Ready To Tackle LGBT Issues On ‘Insecure’
Robin Marchant

Issa Rae’s Insecure just finished its second season, but for its third, the showrunner is ready to tackle LGBT issues. 

In an interview with BET, Rae discussed season one’s relationship between Molly and Jared, the rent-a-car salesmen who admitted to Molly that he’d once received oral sex from a man.

The revelation sparked conversation among fans about bisexuality and sexual fluidity. 

“We wanted to start a conversation,” Rae told BET. “This is something I discuss with my friends. Ten years ago,  I remember telling my friends, ‘I’m desynthesized to the construct of Black masculinity and I’m desynthesized to bisexuality.’ We have so many friends who are bisexual or gay and I was like, ‘I don’t think I would trip if a guy i was dating said he had messed with another guy if, in my mind, he still identified as an alpha male.’ They were like, ‘Well, he still f–ked another dude, so he’s gay.’ I just thought that was an interesting conversation. Then the writers brought it up and noted that while some people agreed and some people did not, any conversation like that that sparked a debate we had to put it in on the show.”

Rae says she hopes to tackle more LGBT issues, specifically those facing the transgender community, something we might see in season three.

“It’s just figuring out the right way to do that. I think so many other shows are doing a great job without feeling like it’s shoehorned and it fits in naturally. For us, it’s just about finding the most natural way. There’s so many topics we wanted to explore but, at the end of the day, we are just trying to tell a good story without anything feeling forced. It’s something I’d love to tackle. We almost did it this season but it didn’t fit within the story we were trying to tell. Hopefully, we’ll see what season three will hold.”