We Can’t Get Enough Of Issa Rae’s Funny And Poignant Black Girls Rock! Speech
Gilbert Carrasquillo
Tuesday night, Insecure mastermind Issa Rae received the Star Power Award during the 2017 Black Girls Rock! Awards. 
Rae accepted the award from co-star Jay Ellis, who plays Lawrence on the HBO hit series, joking that she “would never cheat on [him] in real life.”
The actress and showrunner thanked many in the audience before reflecting on her pre-teen years as a boy crazy awkward black girl. 
“For a long time, much like Yara said, I defined myself by what I wasn’t, which constantly set me up for failure and disappointment,” Rae said. “And, my life changed when I focused on what I was good at, what I liked most about myself and what made me stand out.”
Rae’s Insecure was renewed for a third season earlier this month and the actress is set to star in the upcoming film Empress of Serenity, which was announced earlier this year