Hey Fellas, You Need To Hear Issa Rae’s Hilarious Dating Advice….and Take Notes!
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

The summer dating season is upon us, and Issa Rae is helping the fellas prepare for it.

In a new video interview with GQ, the Insecure star is breaking down all of her dating dos and don’ts for men and she’s even giving them some insight into how to woo her on a first date. 

So, get your pencil and paper ready, guys. 

“I personally like movies for the first date but I’ve recently been advised against it and my brothers are like ‘no, never take a girl out to the movies, because you don’t get to talk.’ I like being in silence and I need to know if you’re the type to talk in the movie [or] if you’re the type to pay attention,” Rae, 33, shared. 

“I need to know if you can carry a conversation about what we just saw,” she went on. “It’s a good test. Movies are just a great test of etiquette. Are you going to buy me snacks? Did you buy the ticket? Are you going to offer me snacks? And then you can’t be, like, crunching loud. If you want to share popcorn, I think that’s great. I’m always down to share popcorn. I feel like that’s intimate. But don’t, like, lick your fingers and put it back in the popcorn because that’s disgusting.”

Other things on Issa’s no-no list? Don’t dress like you just rolled out of bed, don’t sleep on the importance of a good pick-up line, and don’t ghost–because she will stalk you…and find you. 

“I love a good cologne,” she added. “I say cologne can make you second-guess a man’s unattractiveness. That’s what cologne can do but you have to use it sparingly.”