Music is defined by an online source as “an art of sound that expresses ideas and emotions through the elements of rhythm, melody and harmony.” Music for us has been more than just a simple melody or rhyme, it has been a way for us to show our passion for so many things that have come our way.

We have used music as an outlet for dealing with hurtful situations as well as celebrating joyous occasions.

Singing in the car, the shower, or even in our best friend’s ear, has a way of removing us from the daily trials we face. Go ahead and admit it, we know you  have belted out a few tunes in the shower or the car. We can’t even count the many times we got inside of a car and turned the radio on as loud as it could go. We would blast our favorite songs and enjoy singing to the top of our lungs, laughing as we struggled to find the right key or just decided to make up our own version. Those moments in our lives have been priceless and have even lead to some really good songs in the process.

We have been so blessed to be able to sing about what we believe with the intent to let everyone know that you are not alone. Many people may not know all the details of how hard it can be adjusting to the music industry, but we want you to know that if you love what you do, it can be done. We all face difficulties and there is a way to see yourself through those difficult times.  We strive in this industry through many different issues and in many different ways. This shows us that with perseverance, commitment, constant love for what we do and of course the grace of God, we can reach mountain tops.

We want you all to know that no matter what it is in life that you desire to obtain, you can do those things and we encourage you to never give up on what lies deep in your hearts. There will be bumps in the road and you may feel like giving up, but just keep your head up and never stop believing in yourself and watch your dreams come to life. The most amazing thing in life is watching how it unfolds. There will be times when you feel like you have no clue where or what your life is going to become, but in due time it will be revealed to you.

In those moments you can take it in stride and work harder to make sure your dream remains constant in your life. So take the time to blast the music wherever you are and sing to the top of your lungs, because you deserve it and it just feels so good. If your friends are around, let them hear you sing. We guarantee a good time will await you.

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