A Definitive Guide To All The Male Characters In ‘Insecure’ Season 3 (So Far!)

Lauren Porter Aug, 13, 2018

We might have said goodbye to Jay Ellis’ character Lawrence in the season 2 finale of Insecure but there is still a healthy dose of eye candy in the Issa Rae created HBO series each week.

From bearded bae and hot chocolate cutie Y’lan Noel (who plays Daniel) to the tall drink of water that is Sarunas J. Jackson (aka Molly’s ‘Dro), here’s a guide to the men of Insecure.

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At the end of season 2, fans saw Issa move in with her former fling, Daniel (Y'Lan Noel) after she and ex-boyfriend finally went their separate ways and she decided to move out of their formally shared apartment. Issa claims she and Daniel are just friends but will her new living arrangement prove otherwise? It seems like only time will tell.

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Dro, Dro, Dro--what are we going to do with you?! As much as we want to see Yvonne Orji's Molly win when it comes to love, we don't think her happily ever after will come with Dro. Played by Sarunas J. Jackson, Alejandro Peña Dro scammed his way in between Molly's legs when he said he and his wife Candace have an open marriage. Things between Dro and Molly went back and forth last season and this season we might find out once and for all the status of Mr. Peña's relationship with his Mrs.

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Wade Allain-Marcus stars as Derek DuBois, the devoted husband to Amanda Seales' uppity character, Tiffany. During last season, Tiffany announced she was pregnant with her first child but viewers seem to think Derek isn't really the baby daddy. Oop! Fingers crossed season 3 gives us the paternity tea we've been waiting for.

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We get a few onscreen appearances from Issa's brother, Ahmal (played by Jean Elie) and we're holding our breath about seeing him more this season. The always funny and tells it like it is character keeps Issa on her toes and after that breakup with Lawrence and that move-in with Daniel, it looks like a little brother-sister bonding might be exactly what Issa needs.

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When we saw How to Get Away with Murder alum Kendrick Sampson hop into Issa's Party Lyft during the season 3 premiere, our hearts skipped a beat. Adding a southern drawl to his character Nathan, we don't think Sampson had enough screen time in episode 1. But after leaving Issa that $50 Lyft tip, a girl can dream that his character will be back on our screens in no time.