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Inauguration 2013: The African American Church Inaugural Ball

A look inside the 2013 Inauguration celebration at the African American Church in Washington D.C.

What would black celebration be without the church? When it comes to celebrating political achievement, the black church has historically been at the center of supporting and commemorating hard-fought and hard-won political successes that the black community has an interest in. Things were certainly no different this time around. African-American clergy and church-goers have been praying hard for President Obama from the moment he announced his candidacy and many ministers believe those prayers, along with the political endorsements of influential pastors, protected him and helped carry him to the White House – twice.

So no one should be surprised that black churches participated in the serious celebrating that took place in Washington this week and held their own inauguration ball, The African American Church Inaugural Ball. It was billed as a commemoration of a historic moment and a commitment to the future, and it delivered.