Watch Iman Shumpert’s Hilarious Reaction As President Obama’s Podium Is Moved

The Cleveland Cavaliers took a trip to the White House on Thursday to hang out with the Obamas. The team did the #MannequinChallenge with the First Lady and presented Obama with a jersey. The President even cracked jokes: “I also, before I go any further, want to give a special thanks to J.R. Smith’s shirt for showing up, I wasn’t sure if it was going to make an appearance today.” And threw shade: “By knocking off the Warriors, they cemented the 1996 Bulls as the greatest team of all-time. Your President thanks you for that.”

But the funniest moment from the Cavs’ visit to the White House has to be Iman Shumpert’s reaction to seeing the podium moved after Obama is presented with a Cavs jersey.

After his visit, Shumpert took to Twitter to share his experience meeting President Obama and the First Lady, writing, “I’m just a kid from #OakPark. Today I met our 1st Black President & the best #Flotus we’ve ever had. Thank u for a perfect display of class.”