How to Fight Against Being Discouraged, Disheartened and Distracted
Keith Major

I don’t even remember what he said. I just know it was a mean comment about my full lips—the same lips I’d had a complex about since the eighth grade. I was hurt by his words, but the sounds of my friends going, “Ooh, he dissed you!” compounded my shame. I thought I looked nice that day, but his harsh words shattered my ego as they honed in on my insecurities. I felt ridiculed and small… put in my place…dissed. As I’ve matured in self-love and acceptance, I realize that I’m the only person who can truly “diss” myself. I get to decide my place.

We must do all that we can to fight against being “dissed”—discouraged, disheartened and distracted. If we succumb, we risk living beneath our potential. But, if we can properly navigate these emotional landmines, we can overcome every obstacle that comes our way.

The prefix “dis” indicates a negation of the word that follows. It means to “not have” whatever is indicated. When we find ourselves in one of the three “dis” states, it means we are living in “mental lack.” It’s important to address these dream killers because if we don’t, we will quit on ourselves.

In order to keep from getting dissed, we must understand what’s really happening. Then, we must respond with an attitude of abundance. Doing so realigns us with our power. It’s our responsibility to fight, plan and strategize for our fulfillment. We can do this when we:

1. Choose to be Encouraged: Literally speaking, to be discouraged means to not have courage. It means to lack the presence of mind and spirit to face whatever difficulties, or challenges, lie ahead of us.

To be encouraged, we must act “in” courage. Emotions aside, we must take action despite—and sometimes in the very face of—our fears and reservations. Regardless of the source of our discouragement, we must choose to act with courage—to act with the belief that we will succeed and none of our efforts are futile.

2. Choose to be Heartened: To be disheartened is to not have heart. Yet our hearts are who we are. We are disheartened when we lose connection with our passions. It happens over time when we lack the proper perspective on our setbacks and failures. They are not denials, they are temporary and a part of our process. We must be willing to give our hearts…our all…over and over again. Our surrender must be to the process, not to the results.

3. Choose to be On Tract: A tract can refer to a specific region or path. In medicine, it refers to organs that relate for purpose or function. To be distracted simply means to be off purpose by being off path and off function. We must master an emotional focus that informs our actions and prioritizes how we spend our time.

When our emotions are in a state of “dis,” or lack, we must take actions that redirect us to abundance. Abundance is simply an awareness of what we already have.

Do Your Work! Are you dissing yourself? If so, take steps to get back on track. Apply today’s tips and regain your control.

Define Your Wealth! Affirm out loud, “Today, I choose to live in courage and with heart and to invest my emotions in the people and things that align with my purpose.”

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