*Here We Go Again* ‘Empire’s’ Serayah Upsets Fans by Straightening Her Hair
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One of the advantages of being a woman is the ability to change up your look whenever you want. If you want blue hair one day. Go for it! Curly hair the next. It’s your prerogative. While most of us agree with this notion of changing up your look, a few can’t grasp the concept.

During a recent interview with New York Daily News Empire’s Serayah McNeill recalled a run-in with a female fan who expressed anger towards McNeil for straightening her hair.

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“She was so upset because my hair was straight,” says McNeill. “But I get it. I’ve grown up with curly hair and being biracial and things like that, so it’s been a part of my life and I completely understand why they’re obsessed that I’m on television with the way my hair is.”

Why do so many of us think it’s hypocritical to wear straight hair when you’re natural? What do you think?


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